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Inspiration Room: Anthropologie Modern Plush

Today’s inspirational bedroom is the Modern Plush Bedroom from Anthropologie.

This stylish and modern bedroom makes use of various luxurious textures and embraces bold colors.

The total cost? A whopping $9,366!

I don’t know about you, but that’s so far out of my price range. So let’s turn that shocking price tag into something more budget-friendly.

The Bed Frame

Bed (Anthropologie $2998 & Budget $496)

Inspiration: Vienna Bed $2,998

The Vienna Bed is just wow. It’s definitely going to be the major focal point of your bedroom.

The inspiration bed is a slub velvet (41% Cotton, 50% Rayon, 9% Polyester (100% Rayon Pile)) in Caribbean color. It’s available in 16 other slub velvet colors if you want something different. It’s also available in velvet (74% Cotton, 26% Polyester (100% Cotton Pile)) in 22 colors.

Budget: Sandy Wilson Home Aspen Platform $496

The Sandy Wilson Home Aspen Platform bed is very similar to the inspiration frame. The color is a bit darker, the headboard is a bit shorter, and the ‘wings’ are much less pronounced. However, at a savings of $2,500, those differences are completely acceptable because it’s still a stunning bed.

This bed is also available in grey or green.

Duvet Cover & Shams

Duvet (Anthropologie $356 & Budget $146)

Inspiration: Stitched Linen Duvet Cover & 2 Shams $356

This simple Stitched Linen Duvet Cover ($268) & 2 Shams ($88) is a beautiful duvet cover. It’s very simple so it won’t distract from the other stunning items in the room.

Budget: Simple&Opulence Embroidery Duvet Set $146

The Simple&Opulence 100% Linen Embroidery Border Duvet Set is almost indistinguishable from the inspiration but at less than half the cost.

Throw Pillow

Pillow (Anthropologie $78 & Budget $18)

Inspiration: Tassled Martina Pillow $78

The Tassled Martina Pillow is not the same pillow pictured in the inspiration room. Unfortunately, that one is no longer available. However, this is a great choice. The color is fantastic, it adds texture, and the tassels add visual interest.

Budget: Mulee Velvet Pillow Cover $18

The MIULEE Velvet Throw Pillow Cover with Tassels comes as a two-pack. However, these do not include pillows. They’re just covers.

If you don’t already have a throw pillow, you can buy a two-pack that will fit these covers for as little as $18.99.

Bedside Table(s)

Bedside Table (Anthropologie $448 each & Budget $60 each)

Inspiration: Nora Nightstand $448 each

The ultra-modern Nora Nightstand has a contrasting retro and luxurious feel.

There’s no dresser pictured in the inspiration room, but, the Nora Nightstand has a matching Nora Six-Drawer Dresser available for $1,498.

Budget: Kinbor Nightstand $60 each

The Kinbor Nightstand is very different than the inspiration room but it goes with the rest of the furniture (color, texture, shapes) really well and is very affordable. Sometimes, you have to make some alternative choices to fit your budget but those don’t have to lack style!


Lighting (Anthropologie $178 each & Budget $30 each)

Inspiration: Honeycomb Sconce $178 each

The Honeycomb Sconce is stylish, textured, and a great addition to any bedroom! You can put them up in either direction (facing up or down).

I love these. Seriously, if I had the extra money I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them. They’re really stunning and unique.

Budget: Crystal Table Desk Lamp $30 each

The Crystal Table Desk Lamp is a table lamp instead of a wall sconce. Instead of a honeycomb pattern, it’s a crystal pattern (which is similar, especially when lit or from a distance). Most importantly though, they’re beautiful and affordable.


Vase (Anthropologie $20 each & Budget $17 for 2)

Inspiration: Translucent Bubble Vase $20 each

The Translucent Bubble Vase (small in green) is great decor for a nightstand (or dresser).

These are an affordable, high-quality vase (available in other sizes and colors, too). They’re a great splurge item because they’ll last a lifetime and can be used in many different styles and color-themes.

Budget: Hosley Blue Glass Vase $17 (2 set)

The Hosley Set of 2 Blue Glass Vases are nice vases. They’re a bubbled glass which adds a nice textural element. They’re a bit less rounded than the inspiration but otherwise are a similar shape.

Either option, the inspiration or budget would be a great choice here.


Rug (Anthropologie $2498 & Budget $80)

Inspiration: Hand-Knotted Illiana Viscose Rug $2,498

The Hand-Knotted Illiana Viscose Rug (5′ x8′) is stunning. Featuring shades of greys and blues, this rug is hand-cut and hand-tamped.

This is the second most expensive item in this room. As gorgeous as it is, I think this is one item you shouldn’t feel bad about going budget on!

Budget: Persian Rugs Beverly $80

The Persian Rugs Beverly (in ivory) is very comparable to the inspiration. It’s a bit less blue and more grey/ivory but it’s still a beautiful rug. The price difference is staggering!


Chair (Anthropologie $398 & Budget $120)

Inspiration: Velvet Elowen Chair $398

The Velvet Elowen Chair is a nice addition to the room (if you have the. space for it). Choose the light grey to compliment the blues in the room.

Budget: Golden Beach Velvet Chair $120

The Golden Beach Velvet Chair is similar to the inspiration. The arms are a little taller, it has lines in the back (which tie in nicely with the bed), and it’s a darker shade of grey.


Art (Anthropologie $1348 & Budget $130)

Inspiration: Maldives Wall Art $1,348

The Maldives Wall Art is printed on archival cotton rag paper, framed in wood, and covered with a glass panel. It’s a large piece of art at 46″ high by 31″ wide.

Budget: Yihui $130

Art is so personal and I really hated choosing something for “everyone.” You can buy something from a big store (like Anthro) or online (from Amazon as pictured or Etsy). However, I would highly recommend you check out some local artists in your area. Chances are high you’ll find a quality piece of handcrafted art that will suit your aesthetic.


Planter (Anthropologie $398 & Budget $40)

Inspiration: Grand Vela Planter $398

The Grand Vela Planter is not the planter in the inspiration photo, it’s better. It’s textured, nearly 3 feet tall, and made of stone.

I love this planter, but there’s no way I could afford $398 for a single planter.

Budget: Costa Farms Plant, Planter, & Stand $40

The Costa Farms Plant, Planter and Plant Stand Set is really affordable. It suits the aesthetic of the bedroom beautifully.

Inspiration vs Budget Bedroom

Anthropologie Items $9366 versus Budget items $1227

Inspiration: Anthropologie $9,366

Anthropologie does amazing furniture, at high prices. There are things I love about this bedroom (the lamps. I love the lamps) but not everyone can afford to style a single room for nearly $10,000.

Budget: $1,227 +

You don’t have to buy everything budget! Some items are a worthy splurge (like quality vases, or for more money, those lamps!). However, the total cost of a completely budget bedroom is $1,227.

This budget bedroom saves you over $8,000 proving (yet again) that budget doesn’t have to exclude style!

Go Modern for Less!

Pin This: Modern Budget Bedroom Inspired by Anthropologie

A stunning modern bedroom doesn’t have to set you back thousands of dollars. There are so many great budget options available!

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Until next time,

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