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Inspiration Room: Pottery Barn

Today’s inspirational bedroom is the SAUSALITO HONEYCOMB BEDROOM by Pottery Barn.

This stylish, modern-rustic, and cottage-inspired bedroom is neutral wood tones with whites. The only color comes from the vibrant blue armchairs.

The total cost? A humungous $6,064!

I don’t know about you, but that’s way out of my price range. So let’s turn that hefty pricetag into something more budget-friendly.

The Bed Frame

Bed (Pottery Barn $1399 & Budget $827)

Inspiration: Sausalito Bed $1,399

The Sausalito Bed has a woven rattan headboard. It’s a simple and elegant style that is reminiscent of a beach house or cottage.

Budget: Stone & Beam Bishop $827

The Stone & Beam Bishop Modern Wood Bed (in Weathered Oak) is neither inexpensive nor similar to the inspiration. Why did I choose it? Because the inspiration room uses a rattan headboard in front of a wood paneled wall.

This headboard is kind of a combination of those two things. It matches the style of both so you can use it against a plain painted wall.

Could you get a cheaper bed frame? Sure. As stylish as this one? Not a chance.

Duvet Cover & Shams

Bedding (Pottery Barn $271 & Budget $120)

Inspiration: Honeycomb Cotton Duvet Cover & Shams $271

If you want a duvet cover and two matching shams, the Honeycomb Cotton ones will cost you $271. This is a beautiful duvet and the price point is fair. If you’re looking to splurge on something, this would be a good choice.

If white bedding isn’t for you, it also comes in midnight or gray.

Budget: Stone & Beam Gemma Set $120

The Stone & Beam 100% Cotton Soft Waffle Texture Transitional Gemma Duvet Cover rivals the inspirational one but at less than half the cost.

Bedside Table

Bedside Table (Pottery Barn $599 & Budget $290)

Inspiration: Ludlow Nightstand $599

The nightstand shown in the full-room photo is not available from Pottery Barn. It’s a shame because it’s gorgeous. You could just replace it with the Sausalito Nightstand ($499) which would match the bed frame and the dresser.

BUT… that’s a little boring. I’ve chosen to replace it with the Ludlow Nightstand (which is a touch pricier). I did this for 2 major reasons: 1) the nightstand in the photo isn’t matching and it’s white, and 2) (as mentioned) matchy-matchy gets a bit boring!

Budget: Tree Stump End Table $290

I just couldn’t get over that white stump end table, so that’s what this is. This Tree Stump End Table comes in whitewashed (as shown in the photo), gloss white, matte white, or gloss black.


Dresser (Pottery Barn $1799 & Budget $311)

Inspiration: Sausalito Dresser $1,799

The Sausalito 8-Drawer Extra Wide Dresser is the most expensive item in our inspiration bedroom. It’s a gorgeous piece and I particularly like the 2 different sizes of drawers.

Budget: South Shore Versa Dresser $311

The South Shore Versa Dresser is very similar to the inspiration dresser but for nearly $1,500 less! That’s a crazy price difference.

If you want to lux up the budget option, get some new hardware for it. It won’t cost that much and you’ll personalize the piece a bit.


Lighting (Pottery Barn $150 & Budget $70)

Inspiration: Courtney Table Lamp $150

The 22″ Courtney Ceramic Table Lamp (in ivory) really adds to the beachy-cottage vibe of this room. It’s simple with a beautiful pearlized finish.

Budget: Ellen Accent Table Lamp $70

I actually like the Ellen Mid Century Modern Accent Table Lamp better. I like its texture and weathering (and of course, I really like the price).

Wall Art

Wall Art (Pottery Barn $299 & Budget $43)

Inspiration: Woven Wheel $299

The Woven Wheel Wall Art is handmade from willow and iron wire. It’s quite large (4 feet) so it really makes a statement.

Budget: FirsTime & Co. Bicycle Wheel Wall Clock $43

The FirsTime & Co. Bicycle Wheel Wall Clock is functional art. It has a similar style to the inspiration but with less weaving and a clock added.

Unfortunately, it’s half the size of the inspiration. This might suit your space fine, or you may way to add some smaller wall art around it.


Vases (Pottery Barn $228 & Budget $24)

Inspiration: Recycled Glass Vases $228

The inspiration room uses Recycled Glass Vases (one of each size) as an item of decor. These vases are HUGE (12.5″, 20″, and 26″ tall) and if you can afford $228 in decor, you should buy them. They’re not overpriced for their size (plus they’re recycled glass).

Budget: Glass Hurricane Vases $24

These Glass Hurricane Vases (set of 3) are WAY smaller than the inspiration ones but they’re also only $24 for all three. Buy two sets, set a couple on stands, if the inspiration ones are too expensive you can make these work!

Flameless Candles

Flameless Candles (Pottery Barn $192 & Budget $26)

Inspiration: Flicker Flameless Wax Candles $192

The inspiration room has three vases (above) each with a Premium Flicker Flameless Wax Candle inside. I think two 3×6″ candles (on the dresser) and one 4×4.5″ candle on the nightstand.

These candles are really expensive. This is not an item that you need to be splurging on.

Budget: Pandaing Pillar Candles $26

If you’re getting flameless candles, the Pandaing Pillar Flameless Flickering LED Candles. For $26 you get 5 candles and a remote to control them. Way better than having to pick each one up and turn it on/off by hand.


Arm Chairs (Pottery Barn $449 each & Budget $189 each)

Inspiration: SoMa Emma Upholstered Armchair $449 each

This bedroom has a lovely seating area featuring two SoMa Emma Upholstered Armchairs (total price: $898).

Budget: Ashley Clarinda Accent Chair $189 each

The Ashley Clarinda Accent Chair would fit into this bedroom’s seating area wonderfully and the cost? Get both chairs for $378 (which is less than ONE of the inspiration chairs).


Footstool (Pottery Barn $229 & Budget $80)

Inspiration: Mongolian Faux Fur Stool $229

In between the armchairs is this stunning Mongolian Faux Fur Stool. It matches the vibe of the room beautifully!

Budget: HomePop Faux Fur Poof $80

The HomePop Faux Fur Poof is a fun footstool at a fraction of the cost of the inspiration.

Inspiration vs Budget Bedroom

Inspiration Pieces $6064 versus Budget Pieces $2169

Inspiration: Pottery Barn $6,064

The Pottery Barn bedroom is stunning and it comes with a price tag to match. And that’s why we checked out some similar budget options!

Budget: $2,169 +

You don’t have to buy everything budget! Some items are a worthy splurge. However, the total cost of a completely budget bedroom is $2,169.

Also, if you’re looking to save money or have a small space, you can remove the seating area. Taking out the 2 armchairs and footstool will bring your total down to $1,711.

Beachy on a Budget

Pin This: Cottage Budget Bedroom Inspired by Pottery Barn

A fantastic bedroom doesn’t have to set you back thousands of dollars. There are tons of awesome budget options!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite budget piece is and what item you’d splurge on!

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Until next time,

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