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Inspiration Room: West Elm Artisanal Touches

Today’s inspirational bedroom is the West Elm Artisinal Touches bedroom.

This stylish and modern bedroom is set against concrete floors & walls with natural grey furniture, brass accents, white linens, and just a hint of color in some throws.

The total cost? A whopping $3,637!

I don’t know about you, but that’s way out of my price range. So let’s turn that hefty pricetag into something more budget-friendly.

A couple of notes before we get to it:

  • Prices change. All prices listed were correct at the time of writing.
  • Item availability changes: all items were available for sale at the time of writing.

The Bed Frame

Bed Fram (west elm $1079 & budget $175)

Inspiration: Stella Metal Bedset $1,079

The West Elm Stella Metal Bedset (Queen, brass) is a showstopper. It’s brass-colored (not gold!) with a tall and well-crafted headboard. There’s a slight curve to it that adds timeless elegance.

If brass isn’t your thing, it’s also available in black.

Budget: Novogratz Nicole Metal Bed $175

The Novogratz Nicole Metal Bed (Queen, gold) keeps a lot of the elements of the West Elm bed frame at a much (much) more affordable price.

If brass isn’t your thing, this bed frame is also available in black, white, or millennial pink.

Duvet Cover & Shams

duvet cover and shams (west elm $899 & budget $163)

Inspiration: Organic Wavy Jacquard Duvet Cover & Shams $237

The original duvet cover Ribbon Stripe Duvet Cover & Shams (price unknown) as shown in the full-room photo is no longer available.

As a replacement, I choose the Organic Wavy Jacquard Duvet Cover & Shams. A queen duvet cover is $169, standard-size shams are $34 each.

Budget: Madison Park Pacey Geometric Duvet Cover Set $85

The Madison Park Pacey Geometric Duvet Cover Set is a beautiful and luxurious duvet cover with 2 shams at less than half the price of the inspirational option.

Throw Blanket

throw blanket (west elm $169 & budget $20)

Inspiration: Margo Selby Mix Geo Blanket $169

The exact blanket pictured in the full-room image (the Organic Cotton Geo Ribbon Stripe Blanket, price unknown) is no longer available.

Instead, I chose the Margo Selby Mix Geo Blanket. Honestly, there really weren’t a lot of options when I was doing this. Personally, I think it would be better if there was a colorful blanket.

Budget: All American Throw Blanket $20

There’s really no color in this room so you can choose any blanket that suits your style. I chose the All American Collection Throw Blanket because I like these turquoise blue-ish colors (or red, or yellow). Seriously, any throw that you like will work in this room.

Throw Pillow(s)

throw pillow (west elm $39 & budget $20)

Inspiration: Crewel Landscape Pillow Cover $39

The exact blanket pictured in the full-room image (the Corded Rippled Circles Pillow Cover, price unknown) is no longer available.

As a replacement inspiration throw pillow, I chose the Crewel Landscape Pillow Cover.

Budget: Fukeen Watercolor Scenery Throw Pillow $8

This is an inexpensive pillow cover with a similar theme as the inspiration one I chose. The Fukeen Watercolor Scenery Throw Pillow will also go well with all the other budget choices I’ve made today.

This is another item that you can genuinely choose anything that you want.

Bedside Table(s)

bedside table (west elm $398 & budget $91)

Inspiration: Modernist Wood & Lacquer $398

Whatever bedside table is pictured I couldn’t find. So, I chose the Modernist Wood & Lacquer nightstand as a replacement. It’s very similar (although the knobs aren’t nearly as impressive!).

Budget: Manhattan Rockefeller Nightstand $91

The Manhattan Rockefeller Mid-Century Modern Nightstand is nothing like the inspiration but (in black) it goes really well with the room.


dresser (west elm $899 & budget $163)

Inspiration: Modernist Wood & Lacquer 3-Drawer Dresser $899

Again, whatever is pictured I couldn’t find on their site. So I chose the Modernist Wood & Lacquer 3-Drawer Dresser (matches the bedside table).

The knobs on this are less impressive but it’s still an excellent dresser.

This series also has a 6 drawer dresser and 5 drawer dresser for sale.

Budget: Manhattan Rockefeller Dresser $163

The Manhattan Rockefeller Mid-Century Modern 3 Drawer Dresser is really nothing like the inspiration one but it is an affordable dresser that matches the style of this room.


lamp (west elm $159 & budget $25)

Inspiration: Staggered Glass Table Lamp + USB $159

The West Elm Staggered Glass Table Lamp + USB costs $159 per lamp! So if you want two bedside tables and two lamps.. well, that’s a pricey lamp.

As gorgeous as they are, I just can’t see myself ever spending such a large amount on a lamp.

A huge perk of this lamp is that it has a built-in USB port at the bottom so you can easily charge your phone beside your bed.

Budget: Edison Gold Desk Lamp $25

The Edison Gold Desk Lamp costs a lot less than the inspiration lamp. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a USB-port. But it’s a fabulous lamp at this price point!

It’s available in black, gold or rose gold.


mirror (west elm $299 & budget $107)

Inspiration: Debra Folz Mirror $299

The Debra Folz Mirror is functional beauty. It’s super decorative but also practical because every bedroom needs a mirror. This is a really large mirror and it’s fairly priced. I would buy this mirror.

Budget: Everly Hart Gold Sunburst Mirror $107

The Everly Hart Collection 36″ Gold Sunburst Wall Mounted Mirror is about the same size as the inspiration mirror but a slightly different style. It’s significantly less expensive than the inspiration mirror.


rug (west elm $299 & budget $71)

Inspiration: Heathered Basketweave Wool Rug $299

The rug in the full room photo is no longer for sale (it was the Grand Jute (5×8 feet in natural grey for $599). I’ve chosen the Mid-Century Heathered Basketweave Wool Rug (also 5×8 feet in steel) as the inspirational replacement.

Budget: nuLOOM Lorretta Area Rug $71

For the budget rug, I went with the nuLOOM Lorretta Hand Loomed Area Rug (5×8 feet in grey). It’s also available in navy, black, and taupe.


wall art (west elm $59 & budget $13)

Inspiration: Confetti Wall Art $59

The Confetti Wall Art in the room is a cool piece of art that’s inexpensive. Although you could definitely find less expensive art, this might be worth the splurge.

Budget: Mkono Hanging Plant Terrarium $13

If you’re looking for budget, these Mkono 2 Pack Wall Hanging Plant Terrarium Glass Planters are a great choice.

Inspiration vs Budget Bedroom

all item comparison (west elm $3637 & budget $758)

Inspiration: West Elm Artisanal Touches $3,637

The inspirational bedroom is beautiful. If you can afford it, indulge yourself! But if you can’t, there’s nothing wrong with choosing budget pieces.

Budget: $758 +

You don’t have to buy everything budget! Some items are a worthy splurge. However, the total cost of a completely budget bedroom is only $758.

Style Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune!

Pin This: Artisanal Budget Bedroom inspired by west elm

A fantastic bedroom doesn’t have to set you back thousands of dollars. There are tons of awesome budget options!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite budget piece is and what item you’d splurge on!

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Until next time,

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