feature: a vegan feast (39 vegan recipes for any holiday or event)

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The holidays are quickly approaching! Are you prepared to serve your Vegan guests?

What is Vegan?

No animal products. Period. At all. Nothing. None. No meat, dairy, eggs, gelatin, fur, wool, honey, etc. If it comes from an animal, it’s completely off-limits.

11 Vegan Holiday Appetizers

Any good holiday feast is going to have appetizers. Traditionally, you’d find things like cheese balls, dips, crackers, veggies, salads, and more! But you’re doing a vegan holiday, so check out these 11 vegan holiday appetizers!

14 Vegan Sides for a Holiday Feast

The sides at a holiday feast can vary a lot. Typically, you’ll ask your guests to bring some of them. Traditionally, you’d find cranberry sauce, gravy, veggies (roasted and in casseroles), potatoes (roasted and mashed), Yorkshire puddings, rolls, and more! Check out these 14 vegan holiday side dishes.

5 Vegan Main Dishes

Turkey is usually the star of a holiday feast, plus ham and some kind of roast (prime rib being the ultimate) - but not yours! Check out these # vegan holiday main dishes.

9 Vegan Desserts

No feast is complete without dessert. In my family, we eat a variety of pies. Usually at least 4 different ones. But there are tons of other great holiday desserts like fruit, trifles, cakes, bars, cookies, and more! Check out these # vegan holiday desserts.

Happy Vegan Holiday!

CLICK FOR: 39 recipes for a VEGAN feast (perfect for holidays and events)

Christmas? Easter? Thanksgiving? Another special event?

Check! You have more than enough recipes to get through any vegan feast!

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CLICK FOR: 39 recipes for a KETO feast (perfect for holidays and events)