feature: a paleo feast (39 paleo recipes for any holiday or event)

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Whether it’s your first Paleo holiday feast or your fiftieth, don’t be overwhelmed! Use this guide to serve a delicious holiday feast to your Paleo friends and family this holiday!

What is Paleo?

The paleo diet is based off eating a pre-agricultural style diet. This means no grains, no refined sugar, and no dairy.

A paleo diet will consist of meat, birds, fish, seafood, eggs, veggies, fruits, tubers, nuts, and natural oils.

Check out the guide to the paleo diet to learn more.

11 Paleo Appetizer Recipes

A feast starts with appetizers. Traditionally, you’d find things like cheeseballs, dips, crackers, veggies, salads, and more! But you’re doing a paleo holiday, so check out these 11 paleo holiday appetizers!

14 Paleo Side Dish Recipes

Variety is the spice of life and holiday feasts! Usually guests will bring some of the sides, so you can cut your workload here. Traditionally, you’ll find cranberry sauce, gravy, veggies (roasted and in casseroles), potatoes (roasted and mashed), Yorkshire puddings, rolls, and more! Check out these # paleo holiday side dishes.

5 Paleo Main Dish Recipes

Now for the meats! There are a lot of people who think a holiday just isn’t complete without a turkey. But there are other meats you can make (ham, roasts, etc). Check out these # paleo holiday main dishes (including a vegan option).

9 Paleo Dessert Recipes

Finish off your fabulous paleo feast with some scrumptious desserts. In my family, we eat a variety of pies. Usually at least 4 different ones. But there are tons of other great holiday desserts like fruit, trifles, cakes, bars, cookies, and more! The tricky part is finding delicious paleo options. But I’ve got you covered! Check out these # paleo holiday desserts.

Happy Paleo Holiday!

Christmas? Easter? Thanksgiving? Another special event?

Check, check, check! You have more than enough recipes to get through any paleo holiday feast!

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