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If the only place you ate was at home, following a keto diet would be easy (or easier). However, almost everyone eats outside the home. How can you do Keto on the Go? Let’s find out!

What is the Keto diet?

The keto diet is a low-carb diet. This means that it’s harder to follow when you leave the house because the world is full of carb-laden convenience foods.

Be Prepared to Keto On the Go

The best way to stay Keto on the go is to be prepared. This means carrying snacks with you, making lunch, doing whatever it takes to avoid having to make short-notice food purchases.

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Keto On the Go: Fast Food

Maybe you didn’t expect to need a keto meal on the go. But you still need to eat. What should you do?

Most fast food restaurants will be able to feed you. Use the same keto guidelines you would always use.

The major chains (McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, etc.,) will accomodate substitions and requests. So make them.

Sometimes they’ll charge you extra, sometimes they won’t. I’ve never seen a fast food chain offer a discount if you ask for less items. It’s all dependent on the owner of the individual franchise.

Say no to anything bread-like. For example:

  • No bun
  • No biscuit
  • No english muffin
  • No bagel
  • No wrap
  • No edible bowl
  • No croutons
  • No breaded chicken (or other meats)

Say no to sweet condiments/dressings, such as:

  • No ketchup
  • No honey mustard sauce
  • No teriyaki sauce
  • No Big Mac sauce

Say yes to low-carb condiments/dressings, like:

  • With mayo
  • With ranch dressing
  • With mustard
  • With sour cream
  • With salsa

Say yes to extra toppings, including:

  • Add a fried egg
  • Add avocado
  • With extra lettuce
  • With extra cheese

No potato-based foods, like:

  • No hash browns
  • No french fries

Watch your drink choices:

  • No soda
  • Yes to black coffee
  • No juice

Keto Fast Foods

The follow are guides for specific fast-food chains. Check them out to learn more about what to order at each place.

Keto On the Go Doesn’t Have to be Hard

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Everyone has to eat, you can’t avoid it.

Try to be prepared with packed meals and ready-to-go snacks. If you’re caught out though, follow the fast food guidelines.

Share your favorite keto snacks or keto take out in the comments!

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