feature: 13+ keto lunch recipes (make them now & eat them later)

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These keto lunch recipes are a great option to take to work, or school, or anywhere. They offer a great variety so you’ll never be bored!

What is the Keto Diet?

In short, the keto diet is a low-carb diet. You’ll have to count your carbs accurately but almost nothing else matters.

Keto Lunch Recipes: Salad

These three salads are all great choices for a keto lunch. They’re all low-carb, quick, and easy to prepare. Try one this week.

Keto Lunch Recipes: Soup

3 different keto soup recipes you could try for lunch this week. Including how to make your own (customizable) cup noodles! Yum.

Keto Lunch Recipes: Mason Jar Salads

I love mason jar lunches. They’re easy, offer variety, and stay fresh all week.

Tip: Find a friend or coworker (or two, three, four, or five) and everyone makes a different mason jar recipe and you trade. This way, you’ll get 2-5 different mason jar lunches but only have to make 1 type.

Keto Lunch Recipes: Other Options

Soups and salads make for great lunches. But, sometimes you just want something else. These recipes will fill that void. Go forth and eat takeout for lunch no more!

Don’t Be Unprepared for Lunch!

CLICK FOR: 13+ keto lunch recipes

Put these recipes in your lunch rotation and you’ll never go hungry (or be bored) again.

Share your favorite keto lunch recipe in the comments!

What about if you forget your lunch? No worries! Check out Keto On The Go next for tips & take-out guides!

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