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I love cookies. Chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies, I love ALL the cookies.

Just because you’re on a keto diet, doesn’t mean you can’t have the occasional cookie! Keto cookie recipes are what we’re talking about today. Try one and then them all (although not on the same day, okay?)

To be clear: keto cookies shouldn’t be a regular part of a keto diet because they’re junk food! However, the occasional cookie as a treat? Totally okay.

What is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet is a low-carb diet. The goal is to get your body to use fat as its energy source instead of carbs (called ketosis). This is done by limiting your carb intake. Different people choose different carb limits.

Keto Cookie Tools

There are a lot of cookie tools out there. Some of them are truly necessary but a lot are skippable.

Cookie Sheet

No matter what kind of cookies you’re making, you’re going to want a cookie sheet.

I highly recommend a silicone baking mat (you’ll still need a solid baking sheet to put it on). They’re non-stick and easy to clean. As an added bonus, you can get ones that have circles pre-printed so your cookies will never merge together again (I wish I had those ones).

Tip: Darker cookie sheets will affect how your cookies bake on the bottom. Stick with lighter colored ones for a more even bake.


Okay for most cookie recipes you’ll be fine with just a whisk (although it might make your arm a little tired).

A hand mixer is a useful cookie tool. It’s good enough for all baking. If you don’t have one (or a stand mixer), you should get one!

But if you can afford it (or you bake a lot), a stand mixer is the gold standard. The reason? It does all the work and you can be doing something else at the same time. For example, while it’s mixing you can be measuring ingredients or decorating something or doing dishes.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers are the gold standard. Not only are they a great mixer, but they also have attachments for a thousand other things (like making pasta, sausage, etc).

Other Tools

You’re obviously going to need some basic baking tools like measuring cups (liquid and solids), measuring spoons, mixing bowls, spatulas, etc.,

Tip: if you’re buying mixing bowls, go for ones that have a silicon bottom. They won’t slide around which makes them easier to use!

Tip2: most cookie doughs freeze well. Shape them into their baking shape and freeze. Bake as directed (one or two at a time) whenever you want one.

You might want some cookie cutters and other decorating tools.

12 Nearly No-Carb Keto Cookie Recipes (0-1.99g net carbs)

These 12 keto cookies will suit any occasion and are all outrageously low in net carbs. Seriously, you’re getting 12 delicious cookies that have LESS THAN 2g of net carbs each.

The first keto cookie (a coconut macaroon) comes in at 0.6g net carbs per serving (that’s LESS THAN ONE GRAM). The net carb counts increase as you scroll down the list. Most of the 12 keto cookies here hover around 1g of net carbs.

I hope you enjoy one (or more) of these!

7 Low-Carb Keto Cookie Recipes (2-4.4g net carbs)

These 7 keto cookies pack a bigger net carb punch than the ones above coming in between 2 and 4.4g of net carbs each. So let’s be real, these are ALL low-carb cookies!

They’re also in order from smallest to largest (by net carb count). The highest carb cookie on the list is (unsurprisingly) a shortbread cookie. It’s worth the 4.4g of net carbs per serving!

Enjoy the Occasional Keto Cookie!

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Cookies don’t have to be off-limits on a keto diet.

Make one (or more) of the above cookie recipes, and you’ll stay under your carb limits and enjoy a cookie!

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