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What are you having for dinner tonight? How about one of these delicious 18 keto chicken recipes!

Chicken is one of the most common ingredients. That shouldn’t be surprising. Chicken is inexpensive and versatile.

Chickens can be broken down into different pieces. Today, we’ll check out 3 delicious recipes for each piece of chicken – drumsticks, wings, thighs, legs, breasts, whole chicken. And rest assured, they’re all keto chicken recipes!

What is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet is all about getting your body into ketosis. This means you’re using fat for energy instead of carbs. That’s why the keto diet is very low-carb.

The only thing that truly matters on the keto diet is how many carbs you’re eating. This means very limited fruit consumption, no high-carb vegetables, and no sugar, grains, starches, or beans.

Keto Chicken Recipes: Drumsticks

Drumsticks are great to eat by hand! They’re all dark meat.

Check out these 3 delicious keto chicken drumstick recipes!

Keto Chicken Recipes: Wings

Chicken Wings have three parts – the drummette, the wingette, and the wing tip. Wings don’t contain a lot of meat.

The drummette is like a mini drumstick. The wingette is a flat piece, and the wing tip is usually discarded (or used in stocks and soups).

Check out these 3 delicious keto chicken wing recipes!

Keto Chicken Recipes: Thighs

Often considered the juiciest piece of chicken. The thigh is part of the leg and is dark meat. Available bone-in, boneless, skinless, or with skin.

Check out these 3 delicious keto chicken thigh recipes!

Keto Chicken Recipes: Legs

A chicken will have 2 legs. Sometimes, eaten together as a leg but may also be split into 2 pieces (thigh and drumstick). Legs are dark meat only and a fattier cut of chicken.

Check out these 3 delicious keto chicken legs recipes!

Keto Chicken Recipes: Breasts

The breast portion of a chicken is available bone-in, boneless, skin-on and skinless. It is only white meat and low in fat.

Check out these 3 delicious keto chicken breast recipes!

Keto Chicken Recipes: Whole

A whole chicken recipe is going to make use ALL the chicken (usually still in one piece).

Check out these 3 delicious keto whole chicken recipes!

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight

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There’s no reason to find chicken boring. There are a million ways to cook it!

Do you have a favorite chicken recipe you want to share? Leave it below!

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