feature: 21+ keto air fryer recipes (make the most of your air fryer with these tasty recipes)

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I just got an air fryer this year for Christmas and it’s great. Totally beats my expectations (because I expected it to be mediocre or worse).

It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and stuff tastes good!

Of course, the first thing I made was frozen french fries (SOO not Keto) with zero added oil and they were crisp and crunchy and then I just wanted to try making EVERYTHING.

So, here we have it: 22 Keto Air Fryer Recipes.

What is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet is a low-carb diet. The goal is to get your body to use fat as its energy source instead of carbs (called ketosis). You get to choose how you’ll do the keto diet (most people set a maximum net carb limit for the day – as low as 20g up to 75g is the common range).

Tools to Make a Keto Air Fryer Recipes

You’ll definitely need an air fryer to make these recipes.

Some of the recipes might call for air fryer accessories – the shelf is the most common accessory and you won’t regret getting one.

Air fryers come in a variety of sizes – choose the size that will work best for your meals. I have a T-fal Actifry and a little shelf to go in it and it works perfectly for my needs.

4 Basic Protein Recipes

These four recipes are for the basics: chicken, pork, salmon, steak.

They’re nothing complicated and use simple ingredients that you can make any time. Plus, they’re low in cards so you can enjoy them guilt-free on a keto diet!

10 Main Dish Recipes

These recipes require a bit more work than the basic proteins. Most of them are under 30 minutes and 4g of net carbs.

8 Side & Snack Recipes

Here are some great side dishes and snacks that you can make. Most of them are under 5g of net carbs.

Rock Your Air Fryer!

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You can do a lot more than just french fries in an air fryer.

Try these recipes and let me know how they turn out in the comments.

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