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Is your bedroom a little blah? Not inspiring feelings of romance? Looking a little dated? It might be time for a bedroom update.

A fancy (sexy? relaxing?) bedroom doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! Use the following Ikea hacks for the bedroom of your dreams.

Note: While the following DIY projects all use Ikea furniture you can do the hacks with any similar furniture and accessories. Head to the thrift store, check your attic, find furniture anywhere!

13 Ikea Bed Hacks

The bed is the focal piece of the bedroom. It’s where you rest, recuperate, and have a little fun (if you catch my drift).

Make your bed just as fabulous as you are with one of these fabulous Ikea hacks.

13 Ikea Side Tables & Lighting Hacks

What’s beside your bed is important.

You’ll want enough table space and storage for your things, but not so much that it gets in your way. You’ll also need some lamps.

13 Ikea Dresser & Closet Hacks

Everybody needs storage in their bedroom. From dressers to closets, hack some awesome places to store your stuff.

10 Miscellaneous Ikea Bedroom Hacks

These are the hacks that will help make your bedroom stunning and functional. Shelving, decor, and more of the finishing touches you need.

Ikea Bedroom Hacks for YOU

Pinterest Pin: Cheap & Easy hacks for an IKEA BEDROOM. A stylish bedroom doesn't have to be expensive. Check out these awesome ikea hacks for your next bedroom.

Ikea doesn’t have to be a one-style thing. Use these hacks in your bedroom and get the bedroom of your dreams for less.

Which hacks have you used? Let me know in the comments below!

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