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Having a weight bench in your home gym will turn your workouts from basic to amazing. They offer a ton of versatility and will enable you to do a wider variety of exercises.

A weight bench is good for so much more than just bench presses (although, it’s clearly good for those too).

Check out our review of 5 of the best weight benches on the market. You’re sure to find one to suit your needs!

Best Overall Weight Bench: MaxKareMaxKare Adjustable Weight Bench
Best Overall
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Best Weight Bench for Tiny Spaces: Fitness RealityFitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench
Best for Tiny Spaces
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Best Multipurpose Weight Bench: Escape FitnessEscape Fitness Deck
Best Multipurpose
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Best Combo Weight Bench: Body ChampBody Champ Olympic Combo Bench & Stand
Best Combo
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CAP Flat Bench
Best on a Budget
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Our Best Weight Bench Picks

There are so many weight benches on the market at a wide variety prices (and a wide variety of features). Check out our top 5 weight benches below.

Best Overall: MaxKare Adjustable Weight Bench

Max Weight: 882 lbs | 400 kg
Adjustable: yes (-15° to 90°)
Suitable User Height: 4.9-6.6 feet | 149-201 cm
Warranty: 2 years for the pad & lifetime for the frame

Sometimes it’s hard to choose a “best overall,” but this was a no-brainer.

The MaxKare Adjustable Weight Bench has everything you need, it’s sturdy, and made of quality materials.

Adjustable: the bench can be adjusted into 7 different positions (from -15° to 90°). The seat can be adjusted to 3 different positions (from -15° to 30°). Also, the foot stabilizer has two different position options.

Added Comfort: the backrest is extra long (great for tall people), the padding is thick and durable, and it comes with a removable sponge cushion you can put in the gap.

Stores Easily: made with a foldable design so it’s easy to fold up and store.
Price: you can get other benches (see our best for a budget) that are very similar for significantly less money.

However, sometimes you really do get what you pay for.

The MaxKare bench is a premium weight bench at an affordable price. It has all the features you could want without breaking the bank.

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Best for Tiny Spaces: Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench

Max Weight: 800 lbs | 362 kg
Adjustable: yes (-20° to 80°)
Suitable User Height: info not provided
Warranty: info not provided

If the best overall bench is out of your price range, this is an excellent option for people with limited home gym space and limited funds.

Wide Back Rest: in 2019, this weight bench was updated to increase the width of the back rest. It’s now 12″ which provides ample support without getting in the way of any exercises.

Easily Moved (and Stored): the bench has wheels on the ends so you can easily wheel it into storage when not in use. It also has a foldable design so it takes up less space when stored.

Price: this is an excellent value for the price point. You’re getting a lot of features for a lower price.
No 90° Angle: You can’t sit with the bench back at a 90° angle. This isn’t a position that’s used very often, so it’s probably not something critical. But you should be aware.

Warranty: is there a warranty? There’s no official documentation providing one. Some responses to questions on Amazon indicate it’s a 1-year warranty but I couldn’t confirm.

The Fitness Reality bench is a great foldable weight bench at a low price. It adjusts to a variety of angles, is comfortable to use, and easily stored out of the way.

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Best Multipurpose: Escape Fitness Deck

Max Weight: 375 lbs | 170 kg
Adjustable: yes (0° to 70°)
Suitable User Height: info not provided
Warranty: info not provided

The Escape Fitness Deck serves a range of purposes. It can be a weight bench, step, plyometric box or ramp.

Adjustable: 2 height options and 4 bench angles (flat + 3 inclines). Plus the ability to attach accessories.

Easily Moved (and Stored): the bench can be easily moved from one spot to another. It stores easily (and it has a little storage area in it).

Versatile: this is a truly multi-use piece of equipment. You can use it as your weight bench for any exercise, plus you get a stepper, box, and ramp too!
Low Weight Limit: 375 pounds is significantly less weight than the other weight benches on the list.

The weight limit is for your body weight and any additional weights (dumbbells, barbell, kettlebell, etc).

375-pounds is less than the others, but it’s still a lot of weight. For example, f you weigh 200 pounds, you can load on 175 pounds of weights.

The Escape Fitness bench is a multipurpose weight bench. It offers a lot of value, and options, for any home gym. It’s also one of our top picks for the Best Step Platform for Your Home Gym.

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Best Combo: Body Champ Olympic Combo Bench & Stand

Max Weight: 300lbs on the rack | 750lbs on bench | 150lbs on leg extension
Adjustable: yes (6 positions: 1 decline, flat, 4 inclines)
Suitable User Height: info not provided
Warranty: info not provided

The Body Champ combo bench & stand is a great (reasonably priced) option for people who need both a weight bench AND a barbell stand.

The two pieces are NOT attached which means you can use them independently of one another. It also means you can move them around easily. Please note that a barbell is not included!

2 Pieces: having the bench and stand as separate pieces gives you more versatility.

Includes Leg Extension: the bench has a comfortable leg extension attached, which can be set in 2 positions.
Tall Bench: The bench and leg extension are a bit on the tall side and might be uncomfortable for people around the 5-foot mark (~152cm).

The Body Champ bench comes with a barbell stand which means you can do even more exercises!

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Best on a Budget: CAP Flat Weight Bench

Max Weight: 500* lbs | 226 kg
Adjustable: no
Suitable User Height: info not provided
Warranty: info not provided

A flat weight bench is about as basic (and budget) as you can get. The CAP Flat Weight Bench is a great budget option. At this price point, you’re not going to find any better.

Inexpensive: this is the main reason to buy this bench. It’s an inexpensive no-frills added weight bench.

Easy to Move: the bench is light and easy to move around (so great for small spaces).
Max Weight: is it 500 pounds? Or is it 300 pounds?

The sales page says both, so which is it? Some user manuals say 300 pounds, some say 500 pounds.

The CAP flat bench is the best bench you can get for a very tiny budget.

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Weight Bench Buying Guide

Buying a weight bench doesn’t have to be complicated. There are four things you should consider: max weight, fixed or adjustable, size & height, and storage.

Max Weight

This is one of the most important aspects of your weight bench. Is it strong enough to support what YOU need it to?

How do you know? Every weight bench will tell you it’s max weight load (the 5 best weight benches on this list are good for 375 to 882 pounds). What does that mean?

It means your weight PLUS any dumbbells/barbells/weights you use while using the weight bench.

Here’s a couple of examples:

If you’re a 200-pound woman who bench presses 194 pounds (an advanced level), that’s 394 pounds. Right now. So you need your weight bench to support at least that much weight. But if you want to keep getting stronger (and you totally do), you’ll need your weight bench to support more than 394 pounds.

If you’re a 250-pound man who bench presses 369 pounds (an advanced level), that’s 619 pounds. So, you’ll need your weight bench to support more than 619 pounds.

Fixed or Adjustable

There are two types of weight benches: fixed (meaning they don’t move) and adjustable (meaning you can change the angle of it).

Fixed weight benches can come fixed flat or fixed at a specific incline/decline. Our best on a budget pick is the only fixed weight bench on the list. The remainder are adjustable.

Adjustable weight benches can be adjusted between a set range of inclines. Adjustable benches will usually (always?) be able to lay flat, they’ll offer a few different incline angles, they may or may not be able to decline, and only a few will go to 90 degrees.

Personally, unless cost is the very biggest concern, I think you should purchase an adjustable bench. A fixed bench is really going to limit your workout choices, and who wants that?

Bench Size & Height

I’m 5’4″ (162cm) which is a pretty decent height when it comes to weight benches. I’m never going to be “too tall” for one (sorry tall people), but I’m also unlikely to be “too short” for one.

You never want to compromise your form when exercising. It’s important that you can rest for your feet flat on the ground when using a weight bench. Most weight benches are around 17-18″ high.

If you’re shorter than I am, you’re going to want to pay a little more attention to how tall your weight bench is. You’ll definitely want something closer to 17 inches (or even shorter).

If you’re taller than 6 feet, you might want to look into buying a taller weight bench. You’ll be a lot more comfortable. You might also want to purchase a bench with a longer bench size so that your neck/head is never in a dangerous position.

How to Store It

If you’re lucky, you can purchase a weight bench, set it up, and leave it there all the time.

However, many people don’t have enough “extra” space for that. Luckily, there are a lot of weight benches made for just that.

A foldable bench that you can fold and move out of the way is ideal. Our best for tiny spaces pick does just that for a low cost. Our best overall pick also folds for easy storage.

Choosing the Best Weight Bench FAQ

Get the answers to your most frequently asked questions about weight benches.

Can I Buy a Used Weight Bench?

You can (and if possible, should). Why not save some money?

Seriously, check Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, your local secondhand shops (bonus points if it focuses on sports equipment). You’ll find them for significantly cheaper BUT maybe not with all the features you want.

If you’re buying a weight bench used, be sure to check it thoroughly. You want to make sure that all the legs and framework are unbent. You should also check to make sure nothing is loose or wobbly.

Do I Need a Weight Bench?

You don’t need anything to exercise. There are plenty of bodyweight exercises available that you can do anywhere with absolutely no equipment.

That being said, a weight bench is an excellent addition to a home gym. It really offers a range of options to improve your workouts.

I would say a weight bench should be your second home gym purchase (the first? some dumbbells).

What are Some Good Exercises Using a Weight Bench?

There are so many exercises that use a weight bench. You can find something to suit whatever you want. Check out:

  • 6 exercises using an adjustable weight bench & dumbbells from MiraFit.
  • 8 exercises using a flat weight bench & dumbbells from Women’s Health Mag.
  • Or this 50-minute full-body workout using just a flat bench from Coach Ali Fitness:

It’s Selection Time: Pick the Best Weight Bench for YOU!

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There are many weight benches on the market. Choose the one that will suit your exercises, budget, and space.

What did you decide? Let me know in the comments!

Make sure you’ve got the Best Barbell for Your Home Gym, too!

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