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An aerobic step platform (also known as a step deck) might be the perfect tool for your home gym. They’re a versatile – and affordable – piece of equipment that doesn’t take up a huge amount of space. An added bonus is that they’re pretty easy to use and you can get started right away.

Check out the 5 of the best step platforms on the market right now.

Yes4All Premium Aerobic Step Platform
Best Overall
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MaxKare Square Step Platform
Best for Small Spaces
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Escape Fitness Multi Purpose Fitness Station Deck
Best Multipurpose
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Terra-Core Balance Trainer
Best for Stability
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Goplus 31″ Aerobic Exercise Stepper Deck
Best on a Budget
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Our Step Deck Picks

Step platforms vary in price, features, and size. Here are our 5 best step platform suggestions!

Best Overall: Yes4All Premium Aerobic Step Platform

Platform Size: 41.3″ long x 16.5″ wide (104.9cm x 41.9cm)
Riser Size: 16.5″ long & wide x 3.9″ high (41.9cm x 9.9cm) each
Weight Capacity: 400 pounds* (181 kg)
Warranty: 1 year (30 day return)

The Yest4All Step Deck comes with a platform and 4 risers. It’s great as a traditional step platform but you can also use the risers as their own platforms, or use it as an incline platform (risers only under one end).

*The product description states 400 pounds at one point and 300 pounds at another point. Unfortunately the product ships with no information so we cannot know for certain what the weight capacity is.

Large Size: the platform is very large which gives you plenty of room move on it without worrying about falling off.

Stable & Slip-Resistant: the deck is very stable when in use (if you use the risers as platforms they’re slightly less stable but still feel safe). There’s also added rubber to the top which helps your shoes grip the platform for added slip resistance.

Can Purchase More Risers: if you want additional risers (the set comes with 4), they’re available for purchase.
Risers Difficult to Remove: some of the risers can be extremely difficult to remove (typically the ones attached to the platform). This isn’t just, “oh I’ll pull a wee bit harder.” They can be so difficult to remove you genuinely feel like you’re going to break something (or hurt yourself).

The Yes4All Step Platform is our best overall pick because it’s affordable, large, versatile, stable, and good quality. Check it out yourself.

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Best for Small Spaces: MaxKare Square Step Platform

Platform Size: 16″ x 16″ x 4″
Riser Size: 2″ each
Weight Capacity: 275 pounds
Warranty: 1 year (30 day return)

The MaxKare Step Platform comes with the deck and 4 risers.

Space Efficient: if your home gym is short on space, this is the most space-efficient option. It doesn’t take much room to store and it doesn’t take much room when in use.

Height Options: this is a great option if you like/need many heights. It can be a 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12-inch step.

Non-skid/scratch: each riser and the deck have non-stick/no-scratch feet. Feel free to use this on hardwood, carpet, or the surface of your choice securely.
One-Foot at a Time: the deck is a square that’s really only big enough for one foot at a time. This is fine for many exercises but not all. Also, if you’re really moving you’ll be more likely to miss the deck.

The MaxKare Square Step Platform is our best for small spaces pick because it’s a small square stepper which is less than half the size of everything else on our list. Check it out yourself.

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Best Multipurpose: Escape Fitness Multi Purpose Fitness Station Deck

Platform Size: 43.3″ long x 13″ wide
Height Options: 8″ or 14″
Weight Capacity: 375 pounds
Warranty: unknown (so presumably none)

The Escape Fitness Deck is a multipurpose step platform that can be used as a step platform, a workout bench (incline or flat), has spots for attaching resistance bands, and includes storage space.

Multipurpose: this one piece of equipment can serve many functions in your home gym.

Storage Space: the deck has room for some storage. It’s not a lot of storage space but every little bit is a bonus, right?!
Too Small for Tall People: this is not a very effective bench for taller people. It’s not long enough and it’s too low to the ground.

The Escape Fitness Multi-Purpose Fitness Station Deck is our pick for best multipurpose because it can be used for many things such as a step, a bench, storage, resistance exercises, and more.

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Best for Stability: Terra-Core Balance Trainer

Platform Size: 46.46 x 18.31 x 6.5 inches
Riser Size: n/a
Weight Capacity: 4,500 pounds (not a typo!)
Warranty: Lifetime

The Terra-Core Balance Trainer is another multi-purpose step deck. Unlike our “best multipurpose” which was primarily a step, the Terra-Core is primarily a balance trainer that can also work as a step.

Multipurpose: the Terra-Core can be used for so many different exercises. It’s great as a step, bench, stability, and more.

HUGE weight capacity: whatever you weigh and however much you lift, this deck can handle it.

App: the Terra-Core comes with an app that includes exercises, challenges, workouts, and more.
One Height: if you want/need something with height versatility, look elsewhere. The Terra-Core is a fixed height.

The Terra-Core Balance Trainer is our pick for best for stability because it can handle all your stepper (and more) exercises while increasing your stability.

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Best on a Budget: Goplus 31″ Aerobic Exercise Stepper Deck

Platform Size: 31”x 11” x 4″ (L x W x H)
Riser Size: 12″ x5 “x 2″(L x W x H) each
Weight Capacity: 550 pounds
Warranty: unknown (so presumably none)

The Goplus Stepper Deck comes with one platform and 4 risers. It can be used at three different heights: 4, 6, or 8-inches.

Budget Price: this step platform is very affordable with the lowest price of our recommendations.

3 Height Options: there are three height options for this deck: 4, 6, or 8-inches.

High Weight Capacity: 550 pounds is a lot of weight for a step platform (second highest on our list).
PINK: this is my biggest complaint. I like pink (really) but that doesn’t mean I don’t want another color (and I do).

The Goplus Stepper Deck is our pick for best platform on a budget because it is much less expensive than comparable step decks while still having a high weight capacity and multiple heights.

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Step Platform Buying Guide

There’s not a lot to consider when buying a step platform but the three things you should consider are height, weight capacity, and additional uses.


What is the height of the step deck you’re looking at? Is it adjustable? What are the height options? Can you purchase additional risers to make it taller?

If you’re just starting out with step exercises, you’ll want a step that’s fairly low to the ground. As you advance, you’ll want to be able to make it harder (which usually means taller).

If you’re planning on using your step deck for other exercises, consider how tall you need it to be to comfortable sit on it with your knees properly bent.

Weight Capacity

How much weight can the step platform hold?

You need a deck that can support your weight PLUS the weight of any dumbbells or barbells you might be holding during your workouts.

Weight capacity can also be an indication of stability when it comes to quick or high impact exercises. When possible, choose a higher weight capacity.

Additional Uses

Does the step platform have any additional features that it can be used for? Do you need these?

It’s tempting to just buy the best multipurpose deck but do you really need your step deck to act as a bench? If you’re tight on space or money it might be a great choice. It’ll work as an adequate bench and an adequate step platform but it’s not the best of either.

Choosing the Best Step Platform for Your Home Gym FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the step platform. If you still have questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

Will a step platform help me lose weight?

If you use it.

A step platform can be a great addition to your weight loss journey. Step platforms are primarily used for cardio exercises which are great for losing weight.

How do you use a step platform?

The most basic way to use one is to step up and then step down. Put on some great music and time your steps to the beat.

Or, follow a step workout. Most step workouts will incorporate a lot of different steps (to the side, lift your leg) and some other exercises (lunges, jumps).

What exercises can you do on a step platform?

There are a lot of great exercises you can do on a step platform such as Box Squat Jumps, Lateral Box Jumps, Burpee Hops, Bulgarian Split Squats, and many more.

Check out this great video which demonstrates 10 different exercises.

Are there at home step classes?

There are many at home step classes. Check Prime Video (there’s a few free options if you have Prime) and Youtube for some free classes. Paid subscriptions to BeachBody or Daily Burn have some classes.

Here’s a great video to get you started:

It’s Selection Time: Pick the Best Step Platform for YOU!

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A step platform is an excellent tool for your home gym. Which one is right for you? Share your choice in the comments!

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