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A deadlift wedge or jack is a tool to help you load (and unload) a barbell on the ground (perfect for when you’re doing deadlifts). Deadlift wedges are typically less expensive than jacks. They’re also more portable, lighter, easier to adjust, and so on.

There’s one traditional deadlift jack on our list and 4 deadlift wedges for you to choose from. Only one is sold as a pair. Many people use just one but I think it’s much, much easier to have one for each side of your barbell.

Best Overall Deadlift Wedge - Dead WedgeThe Dead Wedge
Best Overall
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Best Traditional Deadlift Wedge - Yes4All JackYes4All Mini Deadlift Jack
Best Traditional Jack
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Best Wide Deadlift Wedge - Vapor Fitness 2 PackVapor Fitness Deadlift Wedges (2 Pack)
Best for Wide/Heavy Lifts
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Best Portable Deadlift Wedge - AbraFitAbraFit Deadlift Wedge
Best Portable
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Best on a Budget Deadlift Wedge - StrainhoStrainho Silicone Barbell Jack
Best on a Budget
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Our Deadlift Wedge/Jack Picks

What did we choose? Check out our picks for the 5 best deadlift wedges – along with some pros and cons!

Best Overall: The Dead Wedge

The Dead Wedge is one of the premiere deadlift wedges on the market. It’s super popular, has been around for years, and is affordable.

It’s pretty much set the standard for what a deadlift wedge should be and is ultimately what i’d recommend first.

Easy to Use: load and unload your barbell in just 3 easy steps.

Heavy Capacity: rated to hold up to 900 pounds (408kg).

Plate Versatility: the Dead Wedge is designed to work with all common plate designs (bumper, hex, etc)
Only One: this is a single wedge but your barbell has two sides. Sure you can use just one but 2 is even easier!
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Best Traditional: Yes4All Mini Deadlift Jack

Before there were Wedges, there were Jacks. A jack is more like a barbell holder a few inches off the ground.

The big advantage of a Jack is that you can use it to load and unload your first plate making it a better option for those lifting lighter.

Easy to Use: this brings your barbell about 4 inches off the ground, making it easy to load and unload all your plates.

Weight Capacity: 400 pounds (per Jack, if you get 2 and rest your barbell on it you get 800 pounds).

Bar Versatility: fits all barbells: standard, olympic, hex, etc.,
Only One: this is a single jack and since the jack elevates your barbell, it’s really FAR better to have two.
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Best for Wide/Heavy Lifts: Vapor Fitness Deadlift Wedges (2 Pack)

If you load a lot of plates on your barbell for deadlifts, you’ll benefit a lot from this set of extra wide deadlift wedges. Vapor Fitness has made a quality product and sells them as a pair!

Extra Wide: at 3.5″ wide, this wedge has better stability when adding weight.

Weight Capacity:
the extra width comes with an extra heavy weight capacity of 1,000 pounds (450kg).

Come as a Pair:
this is the only wedge on the list that comes as a two-pack. Sure, you can use just one but Vapor Fitness knows that most people are going to be way happier with two.
Pricier: this wedge pack is more expensive than other similar items. If you don’t need the extra width, it might not be worth paying for. (They’re still an inexpensive piece of equipment).
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Best Portable: AbraFit Deadlift Wedge

The AbraFit deadlift wedge is a stylish choice. It comes as a single wedge and a carrying bag (great to throw in your gym bag). Choose your color and order one today!

Bring It: this wedge comes with a convenient bag. They’re lightweight and easy to take to the gym with you (because gyms always seem to be short on jacks).

Bar Versatility: fits all barbells: standard, olympic, hex, etc.,

Color Selection: (at the time of writing) these come in three colors: red, black, and blue (pictured). If you have black floors, the red and blue really pop against them.
Only One: this complaint again! This is just one wedge, again. Buy two, you’ll be glad you did.
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Best on a Budget: Strainho Silicone Barbell Jack

The Strainho deadlift wedge is the economical choice. You can get one for under $10, making it at least 30% cheaper than the other options on this list.

Under $10: this is the most affordable option on the list. If you’ve never used a jack or wedge before, this is a great one to start with!

Guarantee: these come with a 60-day money back guarantee (and a 2-year warranty).

Color Selection: (at the time of writing) these come in four colors: red, black, blue, and bright green (pictured).
Only One: again, you only get one. However, at this price you can order two for nearly the same amount (or less than) a single wedge of the others on this list.
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Deadlift Wedge/Jack Buying Guide

There isn’t a lot to consider when purchasing a deadlift jack or wedge. Keep these three things in mind:

Jack or Wedge

First, do you need a deadlift jack or a deadlift wedge?

Let’s check out the pros and cons of jacks and wedges so you can make the best choice for you:

Wedge Pros

  • portable
  • lightweight
  • minimal storage space
  • useful for loading plates after the first
  • fewer pinched fingers while loading & unloading

Wedge Cons

  • have to load the first plate off the wedge
  • less time savings than a jack
  • lots of bending and crouching

Jack Pros

  • huge time savings for loading and unloading a barbell
  • higher off the ground (a little less bending and crouching required)
  • useful for loading all plates (even the first)

Jack Cons

  • heavy & not convenient to move around a lot (some come with wheels)
  • more expensive than wedges

Weight Capacity

Your next consideration should be the weight capactiy. Most deadlift wedges will handle around 800 pounds (360kg) of weight. Deadlift jacks will vary a lot more depending on their height, materials, and quality of build.

It’s not just about how much weight you need to support today – you’re likely to keep increasing. How much weight are you going to want to support a year from now (or longer)? Look for a wedge/jack that will handle that.

Material & Construction

Wedges are typically made of silicone. Some come with a little hole drilled into one end for easy hanging storage. Others come with bags or other features.

Jacks should be made of a quality hardened steel with clean welds. It should feel stable during loading and unloading.

Ease of Use

Whatever you buy – a jack or a wedge – you should find it easy to use. If it’s not making your life feel easier, it’s not the right tool for you.

If you have issues that limit your ability to bend and crouch, go with a deadlift jack (perhaps a taller one than I recommended on this list).

If sometimes you workout at the gym, sometimes in your driveway, sometimes in your basement, sometimes at a friends, etc., go with a portable pair of deadlift wedges.

Whatever you do, make sure you have TWO (one for each end of your barbell). Like I said, the whole point of these is to make your life easier!

Choosing the Best Deadlift Wedge for Your Home Gym FAQ

Answers to your most frequently asked questions about deadlift wedges and jacks.

Can I DIY a deadlift wedge/jack?

Yes but you probably shouldn’t.

A common “DIY” for a deadlift wedge is to use weight plates. However, this leads to a lot of finger injuries (trust me, crushed fingers really suck).

Can I buy a used deadlift wedge/jack?


You probably won’t find a used deadlift wedge for much cheaper than a new one unless it’s basically useless. It is possible to find used deadlift jacks at a significant price reduction. If you find one (that’s in solid condition), there’s no reason not to purchase it.

What are some good exercises or workouts to use my deadlift wedge?

It’s called a deadlift wedge for a reason: because you should be using it for deadlifts! But that’s not all, you can use the deadlift wedge anytime you need to load or unload your barbell.

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It’s Selection Time: Pick the Best Deadlift Wedge for YOU!

Pin This: 5 Best Deadlift Wedges & Jacks

A deadlift wedge is a great (and inexpensive) addition to any home gym. It will make loading and unloading a barbell significantly easier and faster.

Be sure to choose the wedge or jack that fits your needs and budget. Which one did you choose and why? Let me know in the comments below!

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