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Are you interested in redoing your bedroom? Where should you start? With one of these photos of bedroom inspiration!

Check out the inspirational bedroom picture and see 2 (or more) items you can find for a budget!

Bedroom Inspiration #1

A modern plush bedroom inspired by Anthropologie

This bedroom is STUNNING! Check out a budget version of this bed frame, chair, and vase.

Bedframe $496

Blue Bed Frame

The Sandy Wilson Home Aspen Platform bed is similar to the inspiration bed frame. It’s a deep blue with deep groves in the headboard and a solid shape.

At only $496 for a Queen Size bed frame, this is an affordable option for any stunning bedroom! It’s available in evergreen, opal grey, and satin teal (pictured).

Chairs $120 (set of 2)

Grey Armchair

The Golden Beach Velvet Chair is similar to the inspiration. It’s a nice shade of grey with lovely lines in the back (which tie in nicely with the bed).

This $120 chair set is available in dusty rose, gold brown, navy blue, peacock blue, royal green, and silver gray (pictured).

Vases $17 (pair)

2 bubbled vases

The Hosley Set of 2 Blue Glass Vases are nice vases. They’re a bubbled glass which adds a nice textural element.

This set of two vases will cost you only $17!

See how these budget items (and more!) compare to the actual room at: Modern Plush Bedroom on a Budget [inspired by Anthropologie]!

Bedroom Inspiration #2

A cottage styled bedroom inspired by Pottery Barn

This bedroom is so peaceful! Check out a budget version of this bedframe, candles, and footstool.

Bedframe $827

weathered wooden bed frame

The Stone & Beam Bishop Modern Wood Bed (in Weathered Oak) is a stunning bed frame. It combines the look of the inspiration headboard and back wall into one headboard.

A little pricier at $827 than other budget bedframes in this post, but so gorgeous that it’s worth it!

Candles $26

flameless candles

If you’re getting flameless candles, the Pandaing Pillar Flameless Flickering LED Candles are an excellent choice.

For $26 you get 5 candles and a remote to control them. Way better than having to pick each one up and turn it on/off by hand.

Footstool $80

faux fur footstool

The HomePop Faux Fur Poof is a fun footstool at a fraction of the cost of the inspiration.

For only $80 you can get this Faux Fur Footstool to add style to your bedroom! It’s available in white or pink.

See how these budget items (and more!) compare to the actual room at: Cottage-Styled Bedroom inspired by Pottery Barn!

Bedroom Inspiration #3

An artisan bedroom inspired by West Elm

This bedroom is so artisanal! Check out a budget version of this bedframe, duvet, and lamp.

Bedframe $175

brass brushed bed frame

The Novogratz Nicole Metal Bed (Queen, gold) is a beautiful post-style bedframe.

It’s very inexpensive at $175! If brass isn’t your thing, this bed frame is also available in black, white, or millennial pink.

Duvet Set $85

gorgeous textured white bedding

The Madison Park Pacey Geometric Duvet Cover Set is a beautiful and luxurious duvet cover with 2 shams.

It’s $85 for the set and only available in white. The pattern is deeply textured.

Lamp $25

edison style lamp

The Edison Gold Desk Lamp is a fabulous lamp at a very low price point!

It’s only $25 for one lamp and available in black, gold, or rose gold.

See how these budget items (and more!) compare to the actual room at: Artisanal Bedroom inspired by West Elm!

Bedroom Inspiration #4

This bedroom is full of shapes! Check out a budget version of this bedframe, and chair.

Bedframe $203

grey geometric bed frame

The Zinus Upholstered Platform Bed has a geometric vibe that is reminiscent of the inspiration room.

Even better, it’s only $203 (and has excellent reviews).

Chair $475

hanging egg chair

The DVCOM Wicker Rattan Hanging Egg Chair is stunning! It’s black wicker (instead of the light color pictured in the inspiration) and it hangs from a stand so you’ll get some motion when sitting in it.

Good thing we saved money on the bedframe because this chair is a bit pricey at $475. It only comes in black, but you can choose between red, blue, and white cushions.

Bedroom Inspiration #5

This bedroom is like a retreat! Check out a budget version of duvet and how to make your own canopy.

Ceiling Curtain Track $29

ceiling curtain rails

The UrbanRed 5M Ceiling Curtain Track makes it so easy to make your own canopy bed.

For $29 you get the ceiling tracks, but you’ll need to get curtains separately. You can choose ANY curtains you want!

Duvet Set $29

fern patterned bedding

The SLEEP ZONE Tropical Plants Duvet Set includes the duvet cover and two shams.

It’s only $29 for some stylish and nature-inspired bedding!

Bedroom Inspiration #6

This bedroom is ultra modern! Check out a budget version of this duvet and hanging planter.

Duvet Set $90

dusty pink bedding

The Eikei Washed Cotton Chambray Duvet Set has a natural wrinkled look that matches this inspiration room beautifully.

It’s only $90 and comes with the duvet cover and 2 shams. It’s available in 35 colors, including Rose Dust (pictured).

Hanging Planter $50

gold wall planter

The Kate and Laurel Tain Metal Wall Hanging Planter is a beautiful decorative planter that hangs on the wall.

It’s $50 and has three pockets for your plants. The Planter is available in black, gold (pictured), or navy.

Bedroom Inspiration #7

This bedroom rocks a sexy monochrome look! Check out a budget version of this bench and art.

Bench $42

end of bed bench

The Zri Bamboo Upholstered Bench Seat is a stylish and affordable end of bed design choice.

It’s $42 but only comes as pictured (no other colors or finishes).

Wall Art $12

wall art

The AEVIO Abstract Smoke Girls Wall Art is a set of 2 black and white photography art.

This art is very inexpensive ($12 for both) which just goes to show you don’t have to spend a fortune on art! Although I recommend you check out some of your local artists, the cost will likely be higher but you’ll have something a lot more special.

Bedroom Inspiration #8

This bedroom is busy but stays stylish! Check out a budget version of this duvet and lamp.

Bedding $49

turquoise bedding

The SUSYBAO 3 Pieces Duvet Cover Set has a rich and vibrant color.

For $49 you get the duvet cover and 2 shams. It comes in 23 colors, including Seagreen (pictured).

Lamp $30

silver floor lamp

The LEPOWER Metal Floor Lamp is a stylish floor lamp that can sit near your bed.

It’s only $30 and available in black or silver (pictured).

Bedroom Inspiration #9

This bedroom is rustic chic! Check out a budget version of this wallpaper and nighstand.

Wallpaper $28

birch tree patterned wallpaper

The NuWallpaper Birch Tree Peel and Stick Wallpaper is an easy to apply focal point for any room.

For $28 you get one roll that’s 20.5-in x 18-ft.

Nightstand $75

mid century modern end table

The eHomeProducts  Oak Finish Nightstand is a stylish midcentury modern nightstand. It’s an inexpensive piece that looks high-end.

The nightstand is $75 and comes in a dark oak finished legs with white drawers.

Bedroom Inspiration #10

This bedroom is inspiring (I wish I had so much space, a fireplace, and such a gorgeous window)! Check out a budget version of this ladder and pouf.

Ladder $59

bamboo decorative ladder

The MGP Bamboo Ladder Rack is 72″ tall with 6 rungs. It’s a great decorative piece for any stylish bedroom.

This $59 ladder is made of bamboo. It’s both stylish and functional (yes, it’s strong enough to use as an actual ladder).

Floor Pouf $37

rattan floor pouf

The HUAWELL 40cm Pouf is a beautiful floor-seating option for any home.

For $37 you get one pouf (40cm/15″ in diameter). It has a hollow interior and a semi-large opening on the bottom so you can put it over something.

Bedroom Inspiration #11

This bedroom is visually fascinating! Check out a budget version of this bookshelf and bedside table.

Bookshelf $130

vintage styled bookshelf

The Tribesigns 18-Shelf Bookcase adds visual interest to a room. I consider it to be a functional piece of art. So much nicer than a standard bookcase.

This bookcase is $130 and comes in Rustic Brown (pictured,) Black, and Vintage Brown.

Nightstand $89

live edge mid century modern bedside table

The WELLAND Natural Edge Nightstand is a stunning mid-century modern bedside table.

Each table costs $89. There are three styles available: B (pictured), C (bigger), and D (more of a coffee table).

Bedroom Inspiration #12

This bedroom is clean and dreamy! Check out a budget version of this headboard and light.

Headboard $219

woodslat headboard

The Barn Walls Hanger Style Headboard is a wall-mounted headboard. It does not come with a bedframe!

The Headboard is $219 and comes in 8 stains including Coastal Gray (pictured).

Light $26

pendant lighting

The Globe Electric Pendant is a hanging pendant lamp. It does not come with a bulb, so you can use any E26 60W bulb (try using a very round bulb like the inspiration room!)

Each pendant is $26 and is available in brushed silver (pictured), black, gray, and bronze.

What’s Your Inspiration?

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Your bedroom should be a sanctuary that makes you happy. Which inspirational bedroom was your favorite?

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