Success: the key fits the lock

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Nobody is born a successful person. Yes, some people are born with more advantages than others, but that doesn’t guarantee them success. Successful people work for it.

There are a number of personality traits and habits that successful people generally share. 

In fact, your daily habits are one of the most important factors in your success. Success is about more than just grinding it out. Successful people have good habits that drive their continued success.

15 Habits of Successful People

If you want to be successful, you need to start developing these habits.

#1. Be Adaptable

Successful people are adaptable. They know that things change and they’re willing to change with them. Their minds are open to possibilities.

#2. Be Goal Focused

Successful people stay focused on their goals. They prioritize them and they don’t work on opportunities that don’t mesh.

The key to effective goal setting is to use SMARTER goals

Bonus Tip: Instead of planning for today, plan for tomorrow. At the end of your day, take stock of what you achieved, how it helps (or doesn’t) your goals, and plan out your tasks for tomorrow. This way, you can just dive right into it tomorrow.

habits of successful people include dream big, set goals, and take action

#3. Be Positive

Successful people aren’t online trolling for internet points. They stay out of the muck and negativity and instead surround themselves with positive people.

#4.  Continuous Learning

Successful people continue to learn. They’re read about their industry (and others) and keep up to date on new advances and developments.

You don’t have to be taking formal classes to keep learning. Check out recommended books, podcasts, magazines, journals, websites and more that are recommended by others in your field.

#5. Daily Journaling

This is not the “my day was terrible!” type of journal. Successful people keep written accounts of their plans, goals, successes, failures, and reasons.

#6. Exercise, Eat Right, & Get Enough Sleep

Successful people exercise. Physical fitness is strongly linked to mental health and success. You’re more likely to succeed if you spend less time ill and are more able to grind hard.

Successful people eat a healthy diet that fuels their body. 

Successful people get enough sleep. How much is enough? That depends on you.

For example, I work from home as a freelance writer and I rarely set an alarm clock. My optimal sleep amount? 7.5 hours or 9 hours. I’d say that 70% of the time I sleep for 7.5 hours and the rest of the time I need 9 hours. 

What do all these things have in common? Successful people make their health a priority. Sickness isn’t going to get them anywhere. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

A super hero (or successful person) at the top of some stairs

#7. Fight Fear

Successful people don’t allow their fears to rule them. They work through, around, past, or with their fears to achieve their goals.

#8. Keep Calm

Staying calm helps successful people stay focused. This ultimately leads to better decisions and more success.

One of the best ways to help stay calm is meditation. 

Meditation is a skill like any other – it will be difficult at first but practice and you’ll get better.

There are a number of great meditation apps (at a variety of price points). Check out Calm, Insight Timer, or Buddhify.

You can also do guided meditation on youtube. Here’ s a great one (but there are thousands to choose from):

#9. Keep Organized

Successful people know that you can accomplish more when you’re organized. They set goals, make lists, and stay focused.

They’re not surrounded by clutter. You don’t have to go full-on minimalist (although you can), but don’t surround your workspace with more than you need. If it doesn’t have a purpose (or regularly improve your appreciation of the space), consider parting with it.

#10. Listen

Successful people listen – to everyone. Successful people understand that great ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. 

#11. Network

Successful people network. They exchange ideas, collaborate, and work in teams when it’s beneficial to their goals.

They surround themselves with other successful people.  They make connections with more successful people. 

Networking doesn’t have to be difficult, awkward, or unenjoyable. It’s not all business. Some of the best networking is social. 

A group of people networking their way to success

#12. Never Give Up

Successful people know the difference between changing directions and giving up. Giving up gets you nowhere. Adjusting is a completely different thing and is often what leads to success.

#13. Pay Attention to Details

Successful people know that long-lasting, big success is in the little details. All those small details add up to the big picture.

#14. Relax & Disconnect

from your devices. Successful people understand that they can’t be connected to the entire world 24/7. They take breaks and appreciate what’s happening.

Those breaks are preparing them to expend more effort. You can’t GO GO GO all the time or you’ll experience burnout. Rather than burn out, successful people learn to schedule proper relaxation time.

#15. Take Action

Successful people act. Yes, there’s planning, organizing, setting goals and prioritizing, but successful people know that none of that means anything if they don’t DO SOMETHING. 

Start Succeeding

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You have it within you to succeed. Developing the habits discussed today will go a long way in helping you. Why wait? Get started today!

Ready for more? Check out these awesome 30-day challenges to improve your life.

Which habits of successful people are you going to add to your life? Let me know in the comments below.

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